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Wine and dine

As the part of the Mediterranean sea, the Adriatic coast has strong culture of wine making. Almost every island has original sort of vine grapes so the journey through...

...the coastline becomes a real thrill for the wine lovers. When combined with authentic cuisine and fresh locally grown food Croatia and Montenegro become a real paradise for the people enjoying the experience of tastes and aromas. Croatia's wine culture is one which dates back to historical Ancient Roman times when wine was only a luxury to present day where enjoying a glass of wine has become a tradition.With over 300 wine regions, in a country whose total land area is smaller than most major global cities, Croatia certainly can pride itself on glorious domestic wines made from the best sorts of grapes. Wine making is a common pastime for many locals and a glass of wine is the drink of choice with all Croatian dishes.

Our wines still surprise us with the richness and odour and not a season passes that one of the picked sorts doesn't win rewards on the wine tasting competitions around the world.

For all the info regarding wine and dine experience our team is on your disposal. We are dedicated to find the gourmand tour or restaurant that matches your desires and needs. Come and join us in the quest.