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Say "I do" in Croatian

With growing popularity of the Croatian coast and its beauties, more and more couples are deciding to have their Big day there. Destination wedding is an original offer for tourist couples, which combines traveling, vacation, the ceremony and honey moon in a unique experience

The dream of finding ‘the one’ has come true, and it is time to celebrate love with a ceremony. Only a couple of things to do: find the location, invite guests, provide guests with accommodation, organize their transfer, prepare documentation, book a priest or a marriage officiant, decide on the menu, find vendors, contractors and caterers, get the perfect dress and suit, pick out the band/DJ/musicians, design decorations, arrange the flowers, design, print and distribute the invitations, coordinate vendors, go through numerous offers and make sure everything is within budget… million things, million little details. No wonder that in this day of age the bride and groom to be more often than not rely on professional help of wedding planers.

The Adriatic sea and coast with its numerous islands are very attractive to foreign travelers and tourists. And some of these travelers come to begin their married life on this magical coast. Dubrovnik and Hvar are top destinations. And how wouldn’t they be! Both of these cities are full of stunning settings…I would get married in any of them myself! It is hard to decide when you can choose between the perfect view of Hvar city from its fortress, having your own private little island or the 30’s style beach where you can literally touch the sea form your dinner party seat! In Dubrovnik the choice is even harder, with towers and castles, city walls, supreme restaurants in amazing locations…

Every and each wedding is completely different, special and a new challenge! But even though every country and region has its own traditions, the basic parts of a wedding are always the same: people you love, good food, loads of fun… The wedding always reflects the unique style and personalities of the two people bound with love. Upscale posh weddings are equally requested as are casual or rustic ones (featuring tasty traditional foods and a laid back tone). ‘Locations by the sea are top picks. Terraces with stunning views of the sea, beaches, villas with pools… Also castles, forts and historic buildings are quite popular.’ The newest trend in Adriatic destination weddings –yacht weddings proves just how much lifestyle shapes the nuptials. The end results of this synchronous love between two people and their joined love towards the sea are breathtakingly romantic! From ceremonies where the bride sails into the harbor while the groom is waiting for her at the dock, ready to tie down the boat with his loved one; to ceremonies entirely taking place on a yacht or a sail boat, which then takes the happy couple and their guests to their reception venue, or perhaps they just sail on into the sunset. Certainly there is a reason why wedding lingo has so many ships and sea references! Tie the knot, make port… Wedding is the beginning of a joined journey for two people committed to explore, dream and discover together, both the world and each other. What kind of ceremony a couple has: church, civil or symbolic, or what kind of wedding theme, is less important. What matters most is that the end of the wedding is just the beginning of a life together.